Texas Pest Pro is a full service pest control company that provides a complete array of pest control services including Flea Treatments, Honey Bee Removal, Wasp Treatments, Termite Monitoring Systems, Mosquito Misting System Installations, Crawlspace Treatments, and More!


The Tex Pro
The Tex Pro includes exterior treatment of walls and wall penetrations. Spot treatments are conducted at soffits, gables, and fascia and a broad labeled insecticide granule is applied to the perimeter of the structure’s yard and landscaping. On the Interior of the home baseboards and under cabinet areas are treated with an insecticide that is also used in hospitals and restaurants.


The Tex Pro Exterior
The Tex Pro Exterior Package provides the same great service as the Tex Pro Package without treating on the interior of the home.


The Tex Pro Plus
When choosing the Tex Pro Plus Package you receive the added protection of having a yearly attic dusting and an insecticide granule applied not only at the perimeter but to the entire yard. Routine attic dustings can eliminate the entry points of many insects and provide an additional barrier of protection for you and your family.


The Green Tex
“Essentria” and “Mother Earth” products are at the heart of our Green Tex Package. This package focuses on a green approach to pest control and will greatly reduce the number of insect activity around your home. All “Chem Free” products are isolated and kept in separate containers to ensure the purity of your treatment.


Big Tex Scorpion
Scorpions are a major problem to many Central Texas home owners. The scorpion treatment includes black light inspection, weep hole dusting/exclusion, interior/exterior insecticide application, and attic dusting.


Big Tex Carpenter Ant
Texas Pest Pro utilizes a variety of treatment methods including spraying, dusting, baiting, and foaming to rid your home of these destructive insects. An assessment of conducive conditions is accompanied with every treatment conducted.


Big Tex Termite
Our termite treatments begin with an initial inspection and estimate that includes a treatment plan, diagram of the structure, Termiticide labels, and disclosure forms. Texas Pest Pro uses non repellants only for our treatments of active termites to ensure effectiveness. We are proud of our innovative, industry leading treatment techniques and our service is guaranteed.


Big Tex Pre-Treatments
Texas Pest Pro is your pre-treatment specialist. Whether it’s a Borate treatment on wood framing or a full pre pour soil treatment we can guide you through the cost effective process and protect your investment for years to come. All pretreatments include transferrable warranties!