Are your Pesticides Safe?
Yes. Our interior pesticides are labeled for restaurants, homes, schools, food handling areas, and even hospitals. We are constantly researching and evaluating to make sure that the pesticides we choose are the safest most effective choices on the market. We also offer organic and “chem-Free” solutions as an alternative treatment method.

Does your company require contracts?
We do not. We are confident that our customers will remain loyal without the use of formal contracts because of our 100% guarantee and our top of the line customer service. We do recommend routine treatments as pesticides break down over time and structure environments are constantly changing.

Is it necessary to leave our home while treating?
In most cases it is not required. The pesticides used for general treatments will not harm you or your family while inside. We simply ask that family and pets do not contact our pesticides while they are still wet. If this does happen, no need to panic, simply rinse off with soap and water.

Will your pesticides stain my carpet and walls?
No. Our pesticide residuals will not discolor or stain your homes finishes.

Does Texas Pest Pro provide treatments during off hours to accommodate businesses?
Absolutely. We will work around any schedule to ensure that your business routine and customer experience go uninterrupted.

Do I need to prepare prior to treatment?
We simply ask that pet food and water is picked up off of the floor and any aquariums are covered. It is not necessary to rearrange the furniture but if the home is tidied up we will be able to provide the best possible service.

Are the Texas Pest Pro Employees screened?
Yes. An initial background check and drug screening is conducted for all employees and your technicians will be professional, presentable, and in uniform.

How long does a residential treatment take?
The seasonal treatments in most cases take approximately 45minutes to 1 hour depending on the size of your home and the package you have selected. Services such as weep hole treatments, attic/crawlspace dusting, mosquito fogging, and termite bait station installation can add time to your home’s treatment.