Texas Pest Pro is an industry leading provider of Mosquito Misting Systems in the Central Texas Region.

We are proud to present the Mist Away System which combines time tested results with state of the art equipment. Our Mist Away Systems utilize the latest mosquito misting technology to control mosquitos, flying pests, and a broad spectrum of generalized insects in your back yard area. Our customers have once again retreated to their back yards in comfort while knowing that their family, pets, and visitors are safe and protected.


Texas Pest Pro Utilizes a botanical insecticide known as pyrethrum in our misting systems. Pyrethrum is a derivative of the chrysanthemum flower and has a long history of safe and effective use in fruit and vegetable farms, livestock areas, and restaurants, and is effective at controlling fleas, flies, general insects, and you guessed it MOSQUITOS. The rate at which pyrethrum breaks down is also very quick which means that it will not leave an unwanted residue on landscaping foliage or surfaces on and around your home.


Our Professional installers have attended “Mist Away University” and are on the cutting edge of installation practices and techniques. Care will be taken to conceal the components of your system and to leave the natural beauty of your yard untarnished. The process will begin with an initial consultation/system overview, followed by a custom tailored plan, and lastly installation of the system. A typical installation can be completed through the course of one full day.

“I love mosquito mist — it really
killed all my mosquitos!

– some happy client